Waiting game … 

We are now in escrow, and escrow should close March 21st- in 3 weeks and 2 days [not like I’m counting] and I’m telling you, this feels like the longest 3 weeks ever. We are currently waiting for the buyers to schedule their inspection and appraisal. I’m not too worry about any of it but I just want it to be done already! We are in that process where there is nothing more that we can do but wait and, we are not very good at that haha 

We did get news from the RV dealership that our 5th wheel should be in this week, possibly Tuesday. Which will be so hard because we can’t pick it up til we get the check from sale of the house. Ugh, more waiting! 

A frustrating and rather disappointing part of this process is that the offer we accepted, the agent lied to us and the buyers weren’t already in escrow after all. They are still waiting to accept an offer on their home. Which could add more time to our escrow! I am really hoping that doesn’t happen but again, it’s out of our hands. Prayers that things go smoothly and according to plan!


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